Nutrition, Stress & Immunity
Stress, over a period time, can cause wear and tear on your body. Living a hectic lifestyle can stress the immune system and energy levels. This session will look at important nutrients and specific minerals and vitamins needed to fight stress. Samara will also include nutrition tips to ensure that your nutritional status is well equipped to fight the common cold and the flu.

Eating for a Healthy Heart
A healthy diet may reduce your risk of heart disease, hypertension, and stroke. Samara will address the current health risks for your heart and will look at each individual’s risk factors. The seminar will also focus on the foods you should eat more often, and how much to prevent heart disease.

Eating Clean
The clean eating movement is expanding. There will be even more interest in products prepared with minimal ingredients, no preservatives, no antibiotics and with the use of non GMO. Learn more about eating smarter with whole foods, and this exciting trend in healthier living and eating.

Nutrition and Sport
Nutrition is key for athletic performance and recovery. Samara will look at the right types of foods for fuelling before and after activity or sport. Discover your specific protein requirements, carbohydrate intake and hydration needs for your health and sport goals.

Losing the Muffin Top
Losing weight is not easy, especially when it is around your waist. Samara will focus on the right foods to burn belly fat and when the best time is to eat certain foods. Once you know all the real facts, in no time you will see your waist waste away.

Reducing Blood Pressure – Naturally
High blood pressure is a symptom, not a disease, and is the main cause of cardiovascular disease and strokes. You can reduce your blood pressure naturally through diet, exercise and by including specific vitamins and minerals in your diet. Learn about the DASH diet and how it successfully lowers blood pressure, reduces body weight and the need for blood pressure medications. Even if you do not have high blood pressure, find out why you should be on the DASH diet.

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