Advance Treatment of Molecular Cancer


Advance Treatment of Molecular Cancer 

The Journal of Molecular Cancer is a broad-based journal found on two key tenets: To publish the most exciting research work in fields related to Journal of Clinical Research and Bioethics : Second to provide a rapid and quick reviewing and publishing of articles for research, teaching and reference purposes. It is basically aimed at the Clinical Practitioners, medical/ health practitioners, students, professionals and researchers and professional bodies and institutions.

The advance treatments of molecular cancer are all about growing understanding of cancer cell biology should lead to better ways of diagnosing and treating this disease. Anticancer therapies can be designed to destroy cancer cells preferentially by exploiting the properties that distinguish them from normal cells, including the defects they harbor in their DNA repair mechanisms, cell-cycle checkpoints, and apoptosis pathways. Tumors can also be attacked through their dependence on their blood supply. By understanding the normal control mechanisms and exactly how they are subverted in specific cancers, it becomes possible to devise drugs to target cancers more precisely. As we become better able to determine which genes are amplified, which are deleted, and which are mutated in the cells of any given tumor, we can begin to tailor treatments more accurately to each individual patient.

The journal delivers a medium for the rapid publication of full-length articles, short communications, case reports on novel and innovative aspects of biochemistry & biotechnology.  The journal will also accept the papers ranging from cell and tumor biology, angiogenesis, animal models, metastasis, cancer antigens and the immune response to them, cellular signalling and molecular biology, epidemiology, genetic and molecular profiling of cancer and molecular targets, cancer stem cells, DNA damage and repair, cell cycle, apoptosis, molecular virology and vaccine- and antibody-based cancer therapies.. The following areas are covered in our journal.

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